Badger Crew

March 30, 2017

Badger history part 1

We would like to take this time to share a little information about those involved with this project and how the idea of ‘Badger’ came to be. The original ‘Badger’ concept came from Montenegro, a small country in Southeast Europe. A couple of friends that grew up together hatched the idea as an attempt to give new life to a fashion icon. Goran, Marko, Lazar, Jovan and Darko went back to the days of their childhood, that was in a way marked by a pinned badge- an indispensable part of clothing culture. It symbolized being hip, modern and rebellious.Today, kids and millennials have different views, opinions and lifestyles. Digital displays are an integral part of their lives and are the primary means of access to any form of information, whether they are using still images, videos or text. Following the trends that are focusing on retro concepts, they figured that […]