The Badger, your offline avatar

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February 4, 2017
Badger history part 1
March 30, 2017

The Badger, your offline avatar

Thank you for being a part of our campaign. The Badger is a #wearable screen designed to help users express themselves by giving them the ability to display their favorite images, gifs, or social media accounts via bluetooth connection on a smartphone app.

With the Badger, users have a new option of getting a message across. This wearable is only limited by the user’s imagination. Designed to be worn on clothing or accessories with a built-in magnet or pin, the Badger changes how users interact with screens because this wearable will be designed to face the public rather than the user.

We think this creates a number of advantages for the user. The Badger will be designed to work with popular social media platforms so that handles, buy CBD products photos, gifs, or short messages can be clearly seen from a short distance. Initially, we will develop Badger-to-Badger communication. Then over time, we are confident we can develop the #hardware and #software further to the point where non-Badger users can swipe their smartphones and connect on social media with Badger users.

We’ve all been at a conference or gathering where you must check in to receive a name tag or lanyard. It can be a wait to receive your information, and the text can be forgettable while you are trying to network with someone. The Badger can disrupt this dynamic by lighting up a user’s name or image with a captivating design in order to promote what the user wants. Instead of handing out a business card, this is a chance to connect on the network users already have. The process creates an impression based on the image or design that the user chooses, and it can be a creative way to engage in a conversation with an added sense of self-expression.

We are designing the Badger because we believe users will come up with their own designs and strategies, and we cannot wait to see them.
Over the coming weeks, we will continue the prototyping process while sharing our ideas and listening to yours before we launch our #Kickstarter page. Subscribe to our campaign, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to send us your thoughts, give us suggestions, and to stay up to date with our #startup campaign.


The Badger Crew